Frequently asked questions


do I have to be in shape to start?

NO!! One of the great things about CrossFit is that it is great for all fitness levels. One of the founding ideas of CrossFit is that we all have the same needs - just different degrees. So the grandma and the Olympic athlete both have the same need to be able to squat, but the vary in the degree of that need. At EMCF we use this phiolosphy so that whatever your fitness level is we will scale or modify your workout so that you are getting the skill you need at a level that is appropriate for you.

How long is a class - and what do we do?

Classes are an hour long - and we make the most of that hour. Every class will have a specific warm up designed to get you ready for the rest of the class. Then there is typically a strength or skill portion of the class where we focus on a single lift or skill in order to develop proper form and build base line strength. Finally we move into the conditioning - or MetCon. This is where you will really get your heart rate up, and can be thought of as high intensity interval training. We want to develop well rounded fitness - so we incorporate functional movements from weightlifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, and endurance to achieve that goal.

What Should I Bring?

Make sure that you wear clothes and shoes that you are comfortable moving around in (think squatting, jumping and running). Bring a water bottle (or two). Most of all bring an open mind - it is challenging for everyone at first, but that is how you know it is worth it. 

Should I start Today?